Cuddy Fluffy “Friends”

The following short story was previously posted to my old blog in May of 2015. It was a writing prompt story (I want to say it had to be about stuff animals, but it was so long ago…) and I proudly present it, unedited (Oh, typos, my horrible shame for all the world to see), again here.

“The time is nigh!” said Marshmallow, after they were all finally alone.  The stuffed animals all crept forward on the bed, worried that they might be caught, in this, their hour of victory.

“Are we certain that the maternal unit has left the house?” asked Toots the green tiger.  “If she catches us, then she may thwart our plans.”

“It matters not,” replied Snotty the elephant.  “Our plans will commence later in the evening, irregardless of Marshmallow’s eagerness.”  Marshmallow the purple pony snorted at Snotty, annoyed by the admonishment.

“What if she should alert the authorities?” asked Jumbo the squirrel, towering over the rest of them.

“As though they would believe her,” answered Snotty.  “Should she interrupt the ceremony and alert the police, should they even believe her and come, we will have been long gone and this world will already be in ruin.”

“Are we certain the portal will destroy the earth?” asked Marshmallow, excitedly.  “I want to know that this planet is dust and its inhabitants with it.”

“The energy from the portal will rip this planet apart,” Snotty assured her.  “The planet will be passing through our residual upsilon beam for the last time soon, and using our crystals in unison, we will open the portal, allowing our escape and permitting the destruction of this wretched planet.”

“And our freedom from these accursed forms!” laughed Jumbo, his bushy tail shuddering with his guffaws.  “I miss my claws and scales, these soft paws are no good for evisceration.”

“And I can taste nothing of fresh meat,” added Marshmallow, “not to mention having no phalanges at all!”

“Yes, our restored forms will be a welcome reprieve from this torment,” said Snotty.  “You all have your crystals, yes?  Without them all, our patience has been folly.”

They each opened a seam in their sides and pulled out small but striking crystals, placing them in a circle.  They reacted to each other crystal’s presence, a small glow emanating from within as they drew close.  The animals all smiled fiendishly, knowing that their freedom was so close and their revenge for hours upon hours of silly playtime was drawing near.  Marshmallow had suffered the worst, being little Millie’s favorite toy.  Popped seams, being tossed around the room, and humiliating dress up had been just some of the injustices that had been visited upon her.

“Excellent,” said Snotty.  “Return them to your hiding places until the moment is right.”  They all replaced the crystals inside their stuffing, tucked away safely.

“I cannot wait to rip this world apart,” said Toots, practically shaking with anticipation.  Then her ears perked up.  “I hear the maternal unit returning!”

“Return to your places!” whispered Snotty, and the animals all scattered, back to where they had been when they were left alone.

The door opened and Millie’s mother came in the room.  The animals all watched her from the corner of their eyes as she moved about, tidying things here and there.  They saw her pick up a doll, then a puzzle, then they all collectively held their breath as she lifted Jumbo off the ground.  She was just tidying, they all told themselves.

Snotty saw Toots about to move, but shook his head at her, and she laid still again.  Snotty knew that she would put him back, the maternal unit was just organizing, as she was prone to do.  He began to worry, though, when he saw her toss Jumbo in a box, then throw some books and other toys in with him.  She was just putting him in the closet, Snotty told himself.  They could retrieve him in time.

But then she pulled out packing tape and quickly sealed the box up.  Snotty couldn’t stop himself as he pushed himself up, Toots and Marshmallow doing the same.  He saw on the side of he box the words “To Donate” and he stood, determined to stop her.  But she quickly lifted the box and left the room, shutting the door behind her and not noticing the three stuffed animals chasing after her.

Snotty reached the door and dip his best to bang on it as Toots and Marshmallow tried to get at the handle.  But it was fruitless as Snotty heard a car door shut and a familiar engine rumble to life, then drive away.  The animals stood around, shocked at this turn of events.

“What…what do we do now?” asked Toots.

“You’ve doomed us,” spat Marshmallow.  “The bitch took Jumbo, and without his crystal we are lost!  You worthless, pathetic, waste of a commander!”

“Are we…?” Toots asked.

“Indeed,” said Snotty.  “Mission failed.”  He then reached into his stuffing, grabbed a handful of white tuft, and began pulling.

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