Let’s do another writing prompt! I enjoy these, it shakes things up from what I normally want to write and forces me out of my comfort zone. Clears out the creative cobwebs, as it were. This one I took from  “Are you almost done in there?” asked Marty through the closed bathroom door. He … More Confidence

Dear Mr. President

Welcome to the greatest responsibility a person in this day and age can be saddled with. When I was inaugurated into the office 8 years ago I thought that I understood the amount of pressure and incredible weight that would come with the office, but I quickly learned that I completely underestimated the magnitude of … More Dear Mr. President


Janice was beyond thrilled this crisp Saturday afternoon. She had been cooking all morning in anticipation of lunch, singing along to Spotify and practically sashaying every step she took. She twirled her way between the oven and the counter, did two-steps over to the sink, and dipped herself (her husband wasn’t interested in dancing) when … More Squabbles


Here’s some lovely BRAND SPANKIN NEW flash fiction for ya. This is based on a writing prompt taken from Reddit, using the “Random” button on writing prompts. Thanks to /u/KleverGuy. “Oh, this is bad,” said Archibald, running a clawed finger through his mouth. “Oh, this is so very bad.” It’s not very often that Archie … More Canines

The Clerical Error

Here’s another from a writing prompt. This prompt I found online, it was the first line of dialogue from the story below. This was a lot of fun, I’m going to be doing more prompts from random spots online in the future. It’s enjoyable to weave a narrative from the strange thoughts people have on … More The Clerical Error

Stone Man

Here’s another flash fiction piece from my old blog! The prompt this time was “Calcify.” I felt like this one could have used another few paragraphs or lines of dialogue, but I like the dynamic between the three characters, anyways. It’s a sad one, I think. And I probably misrepresented the disease completely, I admit … More Stone Man


This one was originally posted on December 4, 2015. The prompt was “Avaricious” and I used it as an exercise to practice writing people with a history that is hidden from the reader. I present it here, unedited, for all to enjoy. “You’re quite right about them all, you know,” said Edwin, pouring steaming liquid … More Trust

The Meadow

This one’s kind of a momentous story for me. Originally posted on November 13, 2015, this story gave me the jumping off point for the novel I would eventually write, “Nature & Nurture.” It changed a lot from this short, but the basic idea came directly from here. The prompt was one word: “Frolic.” I … More The Meadow

The Crush

Here’s another old story for you folks. Originally posted on November 20, 2015. It’s a little macabre, a little sweet, and I love it. Just a simple conversation between two people in an extraordinary circumstance, along with everyone else on the planet. I repost it here, unedited, for all to enjoy. (I promise I’ll put … More The Crush