Dear Mr. President

Welcome to the greatest responsibility a person in this day and age can be saddled with. When I was inaugurated into the office 8 years ago I thought that I understood the amount of pressure and incredible weight that would come with the office, but I quickly learned that I completely underestimated the magnitude of this job. My predecessor wrote me a letter very similar to this one, congratulating me on being elected, wishing me luck in my endeavors, and reminding me that I was President for all Americans, not just the members of my own party. I impart all of those wishes on to you, as well. I hope that you succeed in making the country stronger, the people safer and freer, and accomplish a lot through cooperation with the other leaders of the world. Despite our differences of opinion, ultimately that is what the job is about and I hope you are successful in that.

Now, there is something that I’m going to tell you about in this letter, something that you are completely unaware of and will shock you. You probably will not believe me. I know that I found it unbelievable when I read about it in the letter that was left for me 8 years ago. It’s upsetting, to say the least, and every day I question whether I handled the information in the best possible way. Looking back upon my decisions, I have no regrets, but you may think otherwise. As the President, you will be free to do what you will with this information. I hope you act with wisdom, bravery, and conviction. The world is counting on it.

The fact of the matter is that we are not in The United States of America. Nor are we in North America, the northern hemisphere, or even on Earth. Though everything feels as though it is real and behaves as though the laws of physics are still in play, the truth is that everything around us, every person, every object, every sound and thought, even the paper and ink you are reading right now, is a lie. You and I are not flesh and blood, this paper was not once a tree, and the entire population of the planet is far from Earth.

We are not on another planet nor are we in a simulation, but our best scientists, priests, and mystics have all reached the conclusion that everyone here is long dead.

It took me a long time to believe and accept it and there are days that I still don’t believe it, but it’s undeniable when you see the research and data. I lived a full life on Earth before. I was alive between 1977 and 2053, living the life of an entertainer. I survived the Martian plague and had a family that I do not have now. I recall none of this, but we have the technology allowing me to see it. You will use this technology soon. Prepare yourself.

My first thought when I learned of this was that the people should be informed. They have the right to know that they once lived different lives and that we are not on the Earth as we think of it. I strongly believe, and still do, that for a democracy to function at its best, the populace needs to be educated and informed.

Except in this instance.

I chose to keep this a secret, as did my predecessor and his predecessor before him because there is no upside to releasing the information, only downsides. Should the American people learn of this, it is estimated that the death toll would be devastating. It is estimated that upwards of 7 million people will commit suicide within the first week of the information getting out. After that, war will erupt between different religious sects as groups claim the information as proof of their god. Calculations show that millions more will die before we would be able to put a stop to it. And that is only in America, it is possible that billions would die worldwide. But things will only get more complicated after that.

While we cannot identify yet how this has happened, it is almost assured that the American people will demand answers and direct the government to devote all available resources toward finding answers. But beyond that, they will want to lay blame. (The leaders who kept this secret will be the first to go, but I didn’t fear for my own life and I implore you not to think of yours when you decide what to do with this information.) It is believed that the American people will seek out who or what is doing this to them. After all, they led a life they weren’t allowed to remember and have been placed into another without consent. When they find out what being is doing this to them, it is thought that they will want answers from that entity. And if those answers are not satisfactory, then further war is likely. Of course, we have no estimates as to how many would perish in such a conflict, for we have no idea what we would be fighting. If it is a god such as from the Bible, then there would most likely be no survivors.

Of course, “survival” is a relative term now. We know that we led lives before we were brought here, but we don’t know if there are further lives beyond this place. Is this a pit stop between our old lives and some sort of heaven? A last refuge before some sort of hell? Is this all there is? We have been able to find our Earth before now, but we have not been able to find anything else yet. The search continues.

I tell you this with the faint hope of preparing you for the true magnitude of the job ahead of you. I do not envy the responsibility you have taken on. I wish you wisdom and success. May whatever god there is have mercy on us all.


President John Cena


I’m so sorry about that last line, everybody. I know I’m late to the meme, but it tickled me too much to pass it up.

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This was written from a writing prompt from Pinterest: “The outgoing President of the United States has written a letter to the newly inaugurated president. Instead of friendly advice, that letter contains the horrible truth that the public doesn’t know about. Write that letter.” Thanks to Sara Marsh, I think. I don’t know how Pinterest works.

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