“Oh my god, he’s soooo cute!” exclaimed the attractive brunette as she reached out to pet a soft, pink nose that was rapidly twitching back and forth. “I love sugar gliders! What’s his name?”

“Uh…” stammered Edward. “It’s Momo.”

“Hiiii, Momo!” she cooed.

Edward knew this was a mistake. He certainly couldn’t leave the thing alone at his place, but staying there with it all the time was driving him insane. So he risked it, stuck the thing in his jacket pocket, and hoped that it wouldn’t rear its little head. But here he was, with all the attention at the house party drawn to him and his passenger.

“How long have you had him?”

“Where did you get him?”

“What does he eat?”

“Can I pet him?”

“Can you throw him?”

“I wanna throw him!”

Edward hastily retreated from the group. He made his way outside, the noises from the party softer in the night air.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Getting some fresh air,” said Edward.

“Return to the festivities! I wish to hunt.”

“Mokoi, I swear, I will never leave the apartment again if you talk like that.”

The creature poked its head out of the jacket once more. “I cannot help it, it is my nature. Your…hot pockets…are barely food.”

“All right, man, I’ll pick you up a burger on the way home later. Just no more ‘hunt’ talk, OK?”

“An acceptable arrangement,” said the spirit, and returned to its hiding place.

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