If I don’t time this right, I’m dead, thought Eustace. I don’t land it, I don’t eat. Simple as that.

The gargantuan creature lumbered closer. It stood on two legs, was covered in a thin layer of fur, and towered high into the sky. Its roars vibrated the air as its footsteps shook the ground.

Eustace felt that it was insane to hunt this thing. The giants who roamed this land, who spewed toxic chemicals and could coat themselves in impenetrable armor, were content to go about their business unless disturbed. But when they were disturbed, when your presence was known, they were swift to retaliate. Sometimes they would physically crush you, other times they would choke you with their poison. No outcome was pretty, save for escape.

Yet what choice did Eustace’s people have?

The beast moved closer with a crashdown of its foot. Eustace and his comrades all poised themselves.

“Jump on and hide. If you can’t hide, carve some out, and bail,” said Ian, the hunting party leader. They all got on their mark. The beast took another step. Eustace thought of his wife, Gretchen, at his side. Once they fed, they could have the children they dreamed of. She squeezed his claw. “Get ready,” Ian said, “on my mark, jump on the human.”

The fleas were all poised to jump. The human stomped down in front of them. The world shook and Ian gave the order.

Thanks for reading! Today’s prompt was the word “Jump.” I hope everyone’s enjoying my No Novel November so far!

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