Circle the Wagons

“Phase Blue! Launch all fighters! Civilian ships to Delta formation!” shouted the lieutenant.

Orders were barked across the bridge as dozens small red circles appeared on the 360°-view portal. A raiding party had dropped out of dimensional shift at multiple points around the convoy as it reconfigured their nav trajectories; an opportune moment for an ambush.

Civilian ships, weaponless and easy pickings for capture, moved from their D-shift configuration into defensive harbor below the larger warships that escorted them. Smaller dogfighters flowed in a steady stream from carriers as radiation cannons loaded isotopes into the launchers.

“Is it the Conglomorate? Did they track us?” asked a lieutenant.

“It’s worse than that,” replied the commander, his scaly tail flicking behind him. “Humans.”

“No,” murmured the lieutenant.

“Scuttle any ships that might be taken or boarded. It’s better that way.”

Energy beams lit up the view portal.

The Writing Prompt today is: “Convoy”

Photo by Jakub Novacek from Pexels

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