“The crimes do not warrant such a harsh sentence!”

The ethereal beings sat in deliberation, billions of luminescent forms gently lapping against one another. If they had the capacity to feel it, they would describe the sensation as tickling.

“It is a lesser demon, we should simply absorb his essence and be done with it,” continued the first nameless, eternal entity.

“It is because of the nature of the wretch that we deem this necessary,” said a second. “It has a chance for rehabilitation.”

“Is it worth the trouble?” asked a third. “Eighty years worth of work for the mere possibility of redemption.”

“Indeed,” said a fourth. “It could still cause great suffering as we give it this opportunity.”

“Perhaps,” said a fifth, who was the first, though also not. “But the verdict has been reached, the demon is guilty, and the punishment decided.”

“I still don’t like it,” said the first, not the fifth. “To live a life as a human? On earth? In four dimensions? We have become so cruel.”

Today’s Writing Prompt is “Verdict.”

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

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