“But when will it continue to?” asked Bjuecycnalsit.

“The exact moment that it continues from, of course,” replied Uaoeioaiauy.

“Wow. Perfectly preserved in time,” marveled Bjuecycnalsit. The two inter-dimensional, unending beings looked upon Uaoeioaiauy’s moment, embodied in a small, transparent cylinder. “I can’t believe that you were able to capture it.”

“Yes, it is rare that a 4th dimensional instance is so perfectly held in stasis, isn’t it? Look at the buildings, the sea levels, the tiny little space station so high above it all. Held so wonderfully in place without any chance of freedom in the 4th dimension.”

“Amazing,” said Bjuecycnalsit. “Just how long?”

“Ten thousand years,” replied Uaoeioaiauy. “I know it will feel like the blink of an eye, but they deserve the chance to flourish on their own.”

The eternal entities watched the planet with unending excitement.

The humans within burst forth and destroyed them before they realized just how dangerous the animals could be.

The writing prompt today is “Preserve.”

Photo by Mariana Kurnyk from Pexels

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