Hurt So Good

“I don’t know what else I can do,” complained Emilia. “I’ve tried everything. I mean, I’m mean! I’m downright cruel! And I know they still want me.” “I know, I know,” said Roberta. “Me too.” “They know I’m going to burn them. I will ruin them! Make them regret ever laying eyes on me, but … More Hurt So Good

The Ritual

“My pink blankie.” “OK,” I say as I spread it over my daughter. “My purple one.” I repeat the motion with her purple blanket. “My red one.” I add another layer. At the end of this process, she is buried under six blankets of varying thickness, square footage, and degrees of fuzzy. “My pink one,” … More The Ritual

The Stew

“Well, she did leave Lawrence. This past year has been rough. Even coming out with us every now and then isn’t going to make her forget about her husband,” said Bernice. Trudy nodded in agreement. The two women milled about the kitchen, sharing their thoughts on their friends’ lives and laughing about their own. The … More The Stew


If I don’t time this right, I’m dead, thought Eustace. I don’t land it, I don’t eat. Simple as that. The gargantuan creature lumbered closer. It stood on two legs, was covered in a thin layer of fur, and towered high into the sky. Its roars vibrated the air as its footsteps shook the ground. … More Hunt

My Fellow Americans

My fellow Americans, I’m speaking to you today because we have the privilege to be the stewards of a new age for our great nation and the world. We today must be brave and bold. As stalwart as those who first sailed across the vast oceans with nary a hope of survival. Since the dawn … More My Fellow Americans

Under Seige

The battlefield was dusty, making it hard to see. Disorienting shouts came from all around. A projectile flew through the air, just over Rowan’s head. He was alone in this moment, his allies unable to assist him. He scrambled one direction, but enemies awaited him. He whirled around and dashed the other way, but there … More Under Seige


It’s a sensation that the astronaut is all too familiar with by now, the lack of gravity, of sound, of any sort of sensation at all. He’s immune to the effect now, space walks being as commonplace as they were. This is different, though. Even though he can’t feel it, he knows he is travelling … More G’s

Ghost of an Angel

The noise drew Beth’s attention. She had been watching a garbage reality TV show (two lovers were arguing about an alliance) when she had heard it. A bang from the next room. She crept to the dining room, curious but nervous to see what had happened. There was no intruder or broken dish to be … More Ghost of an Angel


“Oh my god, he’s soooo cute!” exclaimed the attractive brunette as she reached out to pet a soft, pink nose that was rapidly twitching back and forth. “I love sugar gliders! What’s his name?” “Uh…” stammered Edward. “It’s Momo.” “Hiiii, Momo!” she cooed. Edward knew this was a mistake. He certainly couldn’t leave the thing … More Hidden

The Locked Room

Every night his parents would disappear behind that door and it would seal with a click. George sent to bed. For years, that flew. When George tried the handle, he was swiftly returned to his room, nary a glimpse of what was behind the door. Always the strangest, most unsettling sounds, though. More than once … More The Locked Room