The men were outside the front door. They were looking for the little girl that was presently huddled in the pantry, making herself as small as she could be. Greta wasn’t going to let them find her. They wanted her because she was a threat to the country. They were saying that she was illegal … More History


Arms had been thrown up, doors had been slammed, and feelings had been trodden. Paul heard Lucy sobbing in the next room as he laid on the floor and stared at the ceiling. His girlfriend of seven years was furious with him and he had absolutely no idea why. They had enjoyed a wonderful evening. … More Frustration


“It’s been passed down from generation to generation in my family. My great-great grandmother made it through World War II with it!” “And now you’re brother’s giving it to his fiancée.” “Who is the fucking worst.” “And you’re sure it’s not a fake?” “Yes.” Lips curled into a smile as bourbon was raised to them. … More Heirloom


“Oh my god, I am so jealous of your shoes! I want them so bad!” said Callie as she fawned over Theresa’s new wedges. Theresa never spoke to her again. Of course, that was only because Callie had killed her and taken her shoes.


“Again,” came the command. “Yes, sir,” grumbled Eric. He knew what the outcome would be, but he set up the testing apparatus again. Being a lowly tech meant no one would pay his prediction any mind. “Is it ready?” asked the officer with stars on his shoulder. “Yes, sir,” repeated Eric as he verified the … More Beta

The Farmhouse

“We don’t go in there anymore,” June informed Tim. “Why not?” asked the boy as he plucked grass. They sat in the shade of a tree, across the field from a pristine farmhouse, June’s old home. “Cuz that’s where they live now.” “Who?” “I’m not supposed to say their name. Dad says it makes ’em … More The Farmhouse

Hurt So Good

“I don’t know what else I can do,” complained Emilia. “I’ve tried everything. I mean, I’m mean! I’m downright cruel! And I know they still want me.” “I know, I know,” said Roberta. “Me too.” “They know I’m going to burn them. I will ruin them! Make them regret ever laying eyes on me, but … More Hurt So Good

The Ritual

“My pink blankie.” “OK,” I say as I spread it over my daughter. “My purple one.” I repeat the motion with her purple blanket. “My red one.” I add another layer. At the end of this process, she is buried under six blankets of varying thickness, square footage, and degrees of fuzzy. “My pink one,” … More The Ritual

The Stew

“Well, she did leave Lawrence. This past year has been rough. Even coming out with us every now and then isn’t going to make her forget about her husband,” said Bernice. Trudy nodded in agreement. The two women milled about the kitchen, sharing their thoughts on their friends’ lives and laughing about their own. The … More The Stew


If I don’t time this right, I’m dead, thought Eustace. I don’t land it, I don’t eat. Simple as that. The gargantuan creature lumbered closer. It stood on two legs, was covered in a thin layer of fur, and towered high into the sky. Its roars vibrated the air as its footsteps shook the ground. … More Hunt