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“It’s awakening,” said Thel. “Oh, good,” replied Bir. “Yet another drone.” “Yes. And what a glorious addition it will be to the expedition.” “It’s a cog, nothing more, Thell. Your romantic notions are tiresome.” “My romantic notions drive us ever forward, Bir. You could use a sense of wonder in the work that we are … More 01001110 01000101 01110111 (New)


The small orb had been in his possession for four days now and had been confounding Eldrich at every turn. One day it was absorbing sunlight and turning it into energy as though it was photosynthetic, the next it was consuming dead crickets and using them for fuel. Other days it took light and amplified it without using any observable energy or changing in temperature at all. The weight and size of the object never changed, no matter how much output it had or how much it consumed. It always sat at a constant 3.5489 kilograms and had a radius of 7.874 centimeters. It didn’t eat, it only absorbed, as though it was osmotic, but with compounds besides water. It had no face nor any sort of communicative output, yet was mocking him. His anger grew until he spoke for the first time in hours.

“Damn it, why aren’t you obeying the laws of physics?” … More Physical