The Clerical Error

Here’s another from a writing prompt. This prompt I found online, it was the first line of dialogue from the story below. This was a lot of fun, I’m going to be doing more prompts from random spots online in the future. It’s enjoyable to weave a narrative from the strange thoughts people have on … More The Clerical Error

The Meadow

This one’s kind of a momentous story for me. Originally posted on November 13, 2015, this story gave me the jumping off point for the novel I would eventually write, “Nature & Nurture.” It changed a lot from this short, but the basic idea came directly from here. The prompt was one word: “Frolic.” I … More The Meadow


The following short story was previously posted to my old blog. It was a writing prompt story (I believe all I was given was a number, but I could be wrong) and I proudly present it, unedited, again here. It was a normal sidewalk, as plain as any other one might come across, consisting of … More 37