“It’s been passed down from generation to generation in my family. My great-great grandmother made it through World War II with it!” “And now you’re brother’s giving it to his fiancée.” “Who is the fucking worst.” “And you’re sure it’s not a fake?” “Yes.” Lips curled into a smile as bourbon was raised to them. … More Heirloom


If I don’t time this right, I’m dead, thought Eustace. I don’t land it, I don’t eat. Simple as that. The gargantuan creature lumbered closer. It stood on two legs, was covered in a thin layer of fur, and towered high into the sky. Its roars vibrated the air as its footsteps shook the ground. … More Hunt

Under Seige

The battlefield was dusty, making it hard to see. Disorienting shouts came from all around. A projectile flew through the air, just over Rowan’s head. He was alone in this moment, his allies unable to assist him. He scrambled one direction, but enemies awaited him. He whirled around and dashed the other way, but there … More Under Seige


It’s a sensation that the astronaut is all too familiar with by now, the lack of gravity, of sound, of any sort of sensation at all. He’s immune to the effect now, space walks being as commonplace as they were. This is different, though. Even though he can’t feel it, he knows he is travelling … More G’s