Voice Over

In addition to my writings, I’m also a Voice Over artist.

I love getting behind a microphone to instruct, entertain, or bring comfort. One of my favorite things is to bring a character to life. Whether that’s fleshing out a backstory and writing the words in my own story or finding the perfect sound for another person’s project, breathing life into characters is a tremendous joy for me.

Are you searching for someone to lend a professional sound to your product explanation video? Or maybe you’re looking for a unique and ridiculous characterization for a plasma gun-wielding orc?

My strong, versatile voice can take your project to the next level!

Enjoy this reading of “01001110 01000101 01110111 (New),” an original short story by me! And be sure to poke around my stories for more readings of my other works.

To hear more demos of my work, check out my Voice123 page or my Voices.com page!

To contact me about your project, you can reach me via email!


I not only do voice over work, I also co-host a podcast! One Stage at a Time is a podcast where we play through and discuss a video game (you guessed it) one stage at a time! For those who love video games or just good conversation, this podcast is great fun!

Who Was Dracula?: Castlevania Symphony of the Night 4 – Marble Gallery One Stage at a Time

Alucard ventures into the Marble Gallery, where he meets a whole new set of enemies, including Audrey II and Sexy Lady Tails! Alucard also meets Maria for the first time in the giant clock room! There is a whole lot to discuss in this area, laying a lot of the groundwork for the rest of the game, so don't waste any time and get into it! We also explore the history of the man himself, Vlad the Impaler! We expand on his struggles and background, and find out why, exactly, he was such a stabby boy! So get ready for some real dark chuckles as we talk about his atrocities and how he got away with some madness! And keep a sharp ear out for a special guest, who was just way too intrigued by the mention of Matthias Corvinus! All this and more in a stab-tacular episode of One Stage at a Time! Like and Subscribe, Slayers! http://www.onestageatatime.com intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury (ocremix.org) Twitter: @onestageatatime email: onestagepod@gmail.com FB: facebook.com/onestagepod insta: @onestageatatime Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk5hAb-3ciPoAuHKKkWWbFg — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/one-stage-at-a-time/message
  1. Who Was Dracula?: Castlevania Symphony of the Night 4 – Marble Gallery
  2. Fighting Gaibon & Slogra – Castlevania: SotN 3, Alchemy Laboratory
  3. Dracula Lives in Hogwarts – Castlevania 2: Entrance
  4. Rondo of Blood – Castlevania: SoTN 1
  5. Suffering Through DOOM: Annihilation – DOOM 39

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